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Chatbot Sales Machine

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  • Plug and play Ready made chatbots and templates
  • Automate YOUR business systems
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Qualify leads

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More than just a Chatbot solution

We are not just providing you a solution, we are your partner in ensuring your success. Your success is our focus.
Helping you to focus your energy on what’s important
Reduce your stress levels dealing with ......

Staff issues, holidays, administrative backlogs and more

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It took less than 1 hour and my Chatbot was online, an hour later and I had 5 leads...Best decision I ever made
Jessica Ziellan
I was taken by the hand and helped the whole way, i can't thank you enough for introducing me to Chatbots, not only have I implemented it in my business I have also offered it to my clients ....All small businesses need it!!
Jane Wilcox
I am a busy man with not much time to focus on all the areas in my business, it has caused me great stress for many years as I tried to manage my staff, customer service, sales and my specialty in operations. My chatbot has given me more time, focused my staff, and doubled my Sales with consistent leads coming in everyday.
Dan Ellis
Professional Services

Listen Up - These are Reasons to Starts Right Now


No website required to begin

Chatbots can be used on social media platforms if no website is detected

Take control

Fully Customisable

Tailored for any business, big or small in any niche..The only limitation is your imagination


Ready for market in 30min

In just a few easy steps have a chatbot ready for market


Ultimate Salesperson 24/7

A 24/7 , 365 days a year Sales person who never gets sick or takes holidays


Reduce administrative costs though automation

Basic administrative responsibilities can be automated through a chatbot, ensuring your team is focused on the real goals of the business


Qualify leads

Create qualifying questions for customers to ensure you can help them and understand their problem

Features and Benefits

Ask questions


Your chatbot gives you the freedom to ask the correct questions and direct your customers to the correct channels effortlessly

  • Ask a survey/ quiz
  • What problem can we solve for you today?
  • Who would you like to speak too?

Direct customers to the correct area to get help


The choice from other dialogue flows to other URL’s make chatbots the perfect integration tool to assist your customer, ensure they are on the right part and and capture their journey

  • Book a consultation
  • Offer more products and specials
  • Discover about the business

Customer forms


Capture information of customers direct to your email or auto responder solution

  • New Complaint
  • New customer information
  • Survey's

Fastest Open Rate


Your chatbot messages get opened within 5 minutes and have an average of 80% open rate.

Most cost effective salesman


24/7 Salesperson who will ask the correct questions, everytime, record all conversations and report back

  • Book a consultation
  • Offer more products and specials
  • Discover about the business

Advertise Specials


Send customers direct to your offers, based on interactions with the bot

  • New Complaint
  • New customer information
  • Survey's

Choose what works for YOU

Types of Solutions Available


Includes a Set up guide, helpdesk support, dialogue templates and Free Chatbot software

Done with YOU KIT

We work along side you, hand in hand through the whole process. Ensuring you achieve your goals includes an additional Video walk through tutorial to set up the chatbot and implement the customer service and marketing strategies with advanced integrations

No time? We got you covered

We can handle all your chatbot management, connect with us to find our more


The Ultimate Checklist for Digital Marketing. including The Feel, Felt, Found Technique, The Emotion, Logic, scarcity principle, Customer Value Solutions and Creating irresistible offers

Our offers

Todays Deals

  • Plug and play Ready made chatbots with templates
  • Automate business
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce expenses
  • Qualify leads

Complete Video Chatbot training( with mentor)

Normal Price - $ 600 Now only $300

This Is the complete training for Chatbot’s you will learn how to implement chatbots fast, how to maximise sales, qualify leads and reduce administrative work as well as automating data capturing and analytics. The training includes 

  • How to Guides and ultimate lists for Digital marketing ( Ebook and audio book)
“ including The Feel, Felt, Found Technique, The Emotion, Logic, scarcity principle, Customer Value Solutions and Creating irresistible offers.
  • Video walk through tutorial to set up the chatbot and implement the customer service and marketing strategies
  • 50 customized marketing templates – perfect for email newsletters, social media posts and general marketing communication.
  • Customized Chatbot template pack with 10 templates

Professional copywritten marketing template pack

Normal Price - $ 97 Now only $40

Beautifully written marketing communication, perfect for emails, social media posts and marketing brochures. Written by professional copywriters. Pack has over 100 templates to choose from.

Chatbot training Guide

Set up guide for your chatbot includes marketing stategies and tips

Normal Price - $19 Now only $5

Checklist guide for Digital marketing 2020

A complete guide with the best tips and tricks for digital marketing. The guide covers basic checklists for social media as well as strategy based information like using the skyscaper technique for Youtube and ranking on Google organically.

Normal Price - $19 Now only $5

WARNING!! This special closes SOON!!!

limited Special offer


Limited SPACE Offer - over 65% Discount today. BOOK your space while you still can

once off ( 3 mth payment terms available on request)


  • Complete Chatbot Training
  • Professional copywritten marketing template pack
  • Chatbot training Guide and templates
  • Checklist guide for Digital marketing 2020
  • 24/7 support - lifetime support
  • BONUS - Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide with checklists and video walk through
  • BONUS - Creative artwork kit, includes 10 x Facebook and Instagram posts, Facebook Cover, Linkedin Cover artwork AND a video walk through crash course in basic graphic design for newbies, make use of over 60 000 templates to make any design fast
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

The Training is broken up into a series of walk through videos, a workbook and study notes. The complete training is over 5 days. Each training session is 1 hour.

All students have access to lifetime support once joining the program. 

All students will have teachers assistants on hand and a mentor assigned to ensure they reach their goals.

We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee to all students. Our second money back guarantee is after a year we assess all students and whoever feels at that point the training did not help them and have not seen the results will be reimbursed for their training. NO questions asked.

Yes, once you understand the process, the systems and have templates to fast track your design and copy writing elements chatbots can be ready within a few hours 

There are many types of chatbots that can be developed, hundreds of companies are offering chatbot software. Our focus is on creating the correct blueprint that can be incorporated into any chatbot software. For the purpose of the training we will be focusing on 3 chatbot software’s namely Mobile Monkey, Manychat and Hubspot Chat

Anyone interested in incorporating chatbots into thier business as well as business opportunity seekers looking to acquire a new skill that can implemented for other companies.

Chatbots are the future of communication in business, the stats already show us that this tools has made billions of dollars for compnaies as well as save Billions in expenses to companies globally.

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