You Focus on your job and…..We double your sales for YOU….and ONLY pay us when you get paid….Its 100% Risk Free.

The Dr Leads Program is ONLY FOR Joprotho Hosted Companies

The Sales Machine that converts

Dr Leads Program


  • Tired of PAYING sales people who don’t work out?
  • Frustrated with always having to trade time for money?.. and 
  • Stuck bringing in the business? Servicing the customer and every thing else in between with no  real help or direction?

What about…..

  • spending money on systems and programs that over promise and under deliver

NOW STOP….Wait and IMAGINE……….

  • Your business with a continuous flow of customers
  • Automated marketing and sales processes that you spend as little as 1 hour a week on that also ensure your sales 10X
  • And finally a partner who helps you grow your business from where you are at right now, regardless if you are a newbie or existing business

Some of the platforms we make use of to increase your sales

How it works Overview

Join the Program

Registration takes under 5 minutes.


Commit to program Rules

Rules include communicating with your existing customer base and being prepared to offer discounted services or specials for the Dr Leads program to promote.

Payment to Dr Leads

Dr Leads takes a commission on every sale. Payment is due 7 days from the customers visit

Tracking and Analytics

We track and manage all bookings, reminders and customer service related matters.

Benefits of Dr LEads for you

How this will help you

Increase Sales

We use the following of many methods

Sales and Customer Service Automation

All our systems our tracked, analysed and recorded, these are some of the automation’s done:

PArtner support

Access to support and training materials

FREE COntent



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It took less than 1 hour and my first customer, an hour later and I had 5 leads...Best decision I ever made

Dr Matt Gardner

Life Coach

I was taken by the hand and helped the whole way, i can't thank you enough for introducing me to Dr Leads, not only have I implemented it in my business I have also offered it to my clients ....All small businesses needs direction like this!

Jessie Foindin


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