Union Intelligence

A union with 100 members

can be stronger

than 100 000 members...Find out how..

Trade Unions around the world have relied on membership income streams. 

As some develop they create investment arms and the like to create wealth for the organisation, yet within the fold of the existing union are massive opportunities to create income, save on operating expenses and improve member experience. 

You are about to discover how a 100 member union dominates, grows and competes against so called “massive unions”..

Just some of the ways The World has changed, would you agree?

Communication in the New World..Are you ready?

Old way to communicate

New way to communicate

Tracking and Reporting in the New World..Are you ready?

Old method of gathering information

New way to communicate

Chatbot solution

Mobile App

Customer relationship management

Video Conferencing

Rewards Program

Communication automation tools

Online Strategies, guidelines, blueprints and cheat sheets

Training and resources

Multiple Income Streams

Success in unions lies in diversifying income from membership subscriptions to community income focus initiatives.

Automate processes

Get your blueprint on Union automation processes here. Discover 5 simple methods to automate your union for free.Automation helps complete multiple tasks with ease and ensure focus on essential tasks are done.

Develop Union Tools

Get an incredible chatbot solution, Mobile application and customer service tracking solution to effortlessly enhance the growth 10X

Tracking and analytics

Without understanding and managing the data from the various systems creating systems and solutions are meaningless.

See some real results Below

Chatbot Results

Chatbot Results

Facebook Automation

Facebook Automation

Mobile apps

Mobile apps




Join The revolution, and Hack your growth today

It took less than 1 hour and my Chatbot was online, an hour later and I had 5 leads...Best decision I ever made

Matt Gardner

Founder/Hatura Inc

I was taken by the hand and helped the whole way, i can't thank you enough for introducing me to Chatbots, not only have I implemented it in my business I have also offered it to my clients ....All small businesses need it!!

Jessie Foindin